Thompson Cigar Coupon Codes

Active Thompson Cigar Coupon Codes - Nov 15, 2018
Active Thompson Cigar Coupon Codes - Nov 15, 2018
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About Thompson Cigar

As a partner of Thompson Cigar, is honored to introduce Thompson Cigar coupon codes for the best benefits of customers. This is a chance for you not only to get premier superior quality cigars but also can save more your budget through various sales programs. Shopping at Thompson Cigar now to get discounts up to 70%.

Thompson Cigar is a place where you can obtain premier cigars and cigar accessories. Founded in Florida, in 1915, Thompson Cigar is the oldest online cigar company in the US. Here at Thompson Cigar, customer can get a wide range of products covering all price ranges and tastes. From the early years, you can order through Thompson Cigar catalog. But the current development of technology, Thompson Cigar has launched their retail website. Accessing, you will have a chance to get thousands of cigars from the world’s most famous manufactures. All the products delivered to you are as fresh as possible. To do this, Thompson Cigar operates the largest inventory storage humidor in the US. If you are not satisfied with Thompson Cigar products, you can return them for full refunds. Your life will be so much fun with surprise and able to enjoy a great deal of types of cigars. The prices of products are also very reasonable and often discounted by Thompson Cigar coupon codes.

How to use Thompson Cigar coupon codes

If you get troubles in buying cigars at Thompson Cigar, following these steps will help you successfully order their products.

Step 1: Choose the cigar types that you want to get with quantity and pack size then click “Add to cart”.

Step 2: A window appears showing the products details. Review it and click “Checkout”.

Step 3: Insert your information, billing information and Thompson Cigar promo code to get discounts.


Wish you have happy time and great products at Thompson Cigar!

FAQs of Thompson Cigar

When ordering at Thompson Cigar, customers may catch some problems, the following FAQs section will provide you some useful information.

1. How can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, please send an email to Thompson Cigar customer service by clicking the "E-mail Us" link at the bottom of the page. Remember to include your cart id in your mail. Your cart id will be sent in an e-mail order confirmation message shortly after you have placed your order.

2. How can I check on the status of my order?

T track your order status click "Track Your Order" option located along the top right hand corner of the web site. You may also get your order status by emailing Thompson Cigar customer service regarding your online order or phone order and they will respond to your inquiry within 24 business hours. 

3. How long will it take for my order to be shipped?

Your orders will reach their destination mostly within two business days. Please figure within 4-5 business days with regular ground shipping to receive your order.

4. Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Thompson Cigar ships internationally to Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. You will be changed an additional amount of $10.00 for USPS Priority Mail if you want to ship to these destinations.

Wish that the above information is helpful for you!

Tips & Tricks of Thompson Cigar: Tips to choose right cigar humidor

Are you a cigar smoker? You need a humidor to keep tobacco’s flavor and freshness. There are many types of humidor. Both of them help to regulate the temperature and humidity to preserve your cigars. But whether you get a right humidor? The following tips will how you this.

1. Size

The first thing you should consider when choosing a humidor is its size. There are many different types of cigar humidors. And each of them has its own shape and size. Which one is best for you? If you are a collector, you will need a room humidor. This type of humidor helps you can preserve the cigars in a large number and in long period of time. Is you only have a few dozen cigar, you only need a cabinet humidor or a tabletop humidor.


2. Wood type

To keep cigars’ best quality, you should pick up a Spanish cedar humidor. However, there are many alternatives for you such as mahogany, maple, oak. These types of wood are also good for preserving humidity. However to save your pocket, you also can use this method: Get a humidor having interior made from the high quality good instead of getting one entirely made from  the same type of wood.


3. Tight seal

To keep cigars from humidity, you should get a cigar humidor with a tight seal. If the seal is not tight, the humidor wouldn’t insulate properly notwithstanding how good quality the wood of humidor is.


Hope that the above information will be useful for you to get a proper humidor to maintain the best quality of cigars for long time. And you don’t know where to get superior quality humidor check They have tons of cigar humidors for your choice. Besides, you also can save your pocket much with their Thompson Cigar coupons. 


If you have any questions or want to stay connected, contact Thompson Cigar customer service by sending email to them. To do this, please click the "email us" option at the bottom of the page. You also can call Thompson Cigar phone number at 1-800-573-9099 Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 9 PM (EST). You also can follow Thompson Cigar’s social network: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Blog to update latest news and product collections.