Benefit Cosmetics Coupon Codes

Active Benefit Cosmetics Coupon Codes - Aug 04, 2020
Active Benefit Cosmetics Coupon Codes - Aug 04, 2020
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Do you want to save money when shopping? With the great service, you can find more benefit when shopping at Benefit Cosmetics.
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About Benefit Cosmetics

Take care of your appearance with a range of beautiful products at Benefit Cosmetics. When buying any item at Benefit Cosmetics, the customers will have the chance to save money easily with Benefit Cosmetics coupon code which is provided by Don’t forget to apply the code FABFRIDA and enjoy these special chances. You can get three deluxe samples if spend $50 and get all six deluxe samples, if you spend $85. Besides, you can get Benefit Cosmetics free standard shipping with $50 purchase and free deluxe samples of posiebalm, shy beam and benetint with orders over $50. What are you waiting? Stop at Benefit Cosmetics and shopping now to get more great advantages which bring the interesting thing when shopping online. Believe that you will be a lucky customer when shopping online at Estee Lauder and get Benefit Cosmetics discount.

Benefit Cosmetics is known as an online cosmetic store which was born in 1976. Their main products are the POREfessional, benetint, dr.feelgood, BADgal lash, that gal, high beam, dandelion, hoola, some kind-a gorgeous. Besides, Benefit Cosmetics has over 2,600 counters in more than 30 countries. Benefit Cosmetics proud of the quality and the value of products, so you will be pleasured when using the Benefit Cosmetics discount and getting more benefit. With convenient service and safe, Benefit Cosmetics promises to bring to customer these great chances. 

How To Use The Benefit Cosmetics Coupon Code

When shopping at Benefit Cosmetics, you will receive a special deal, so you do not miss this opportunity. Here are some simple steps which help you to apply Benefit Cosmetics coupon code easily.

Choose your favorite items and add to basket

Go to check out if you don’t want to continue shopping

Enter your coupon code in the box when you reach the payment page of the checkout

Choose redeem to finish the process

How To Use The Benefit Cosmetics Coupon Code

FAQs When Shopping At Benefit Cosmetics

1. Where can I buy Benefit Cosmetics products?

You can buy Benefit Cosmetics products at some locations including, Benefit Cosmetics Boutiques, Sephora, Sephora inside, JCPenney, ULTA, Macy’s, Home Shopping Network (HSN), Birchbox, Glam up and away! Automated Retail, Kiosks (select airports).

2. Can I cancel an order?

Yes, you can cancel your order within 30 minutes of placing an order. You just need to call at 1-800-781-2336 to get the help. You will receive an order confirmation email if your order is already being processed and cannot be changed or cancelled.

3. Does ship internationally?

Sorry about that doesn't ship outside the United States, therefore you can check Store Locator to find the best convenient service.

4. How do I change an order?

If you want to change an order, please call Customer Care team at 1-800-781-2336 (M-F 7:00am-5:00pm PST) to make any change to the order. 

Benefit Cosmetics Tips And Tricks: How To Grow Thicker, Longer Eyelashes Naturally

How to grow thicker and longer eyelashes naturally? You don't need to use the fake eyelashes and buy lash accelerator mascara because they do more harm than good in the long run. Here are the great ways to grow longer eyelashes naturally that you can try.

Use virgin coconut oil

Use virgin coconut oil 

Coconut oil is commonly known as an ideal beauty product which can make your skin more white and prevent acne. The oil coconut is rich in vitamins A and C that is good for hair and eyelashes. Besides, fatty substance will help the eyelashes stronger. Before going to bed, you use a cotton swab and dipped into coconut oil, then brush your eyelashes. You should do frequently to have the best effectiveness.

Massage Eyelids

Massage Eyelids


You should massage the eyelid area and near the lashes by using your finger. This will help increase blood flow and circulation. Preferably, do it once a day or at least a few times a week.

The lip balm

You can use the lip balm every day to apply into the eyelashes. This material is similar to the vaseline, it can help your eyelashes longer. 

Olive oil

Olive oil

Olive oil is a natural ingredient which is not only effective in skin care but also stimulates the development of the eyelashes. You can use the mascara to brush a small amount of olive oil to the eyelashes before bedtime. Using regularly for 2 months, you will see the difference.


You don't know that vaseline can stimulate the growth of hair and the development of the eyelashes if you use regularly. With the moisture ingredients from vaseline, your eyelashes will grow naturally.

Green Tea

Green Tea

The green tea will stimulate the growth of eyelashes and cleans follicles to allow for even more growth. You just need to use the green tea leaves soaked in hot water, then apply on the eye in 15 minutes.


To get the help from Benefit Cosmetics, you can feel free to call toll-free anytime at call on 800.781.2336. If you want to update the latest product, you can also follow via some social media as FacebookYoutube and more.