Burpee Coupon Codes

Active Burpee Coupon Codes - Aug 14, 2020
Active Burpee Coupon Codes - Aug 14, 2020


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About Burpee

Due to concerns about the quality of food, especially vegetables, some families often choose ways of planting vegetables at home. Or simply, some people want to have a beautiful garden with various flowers and plants. At Burpee, you can shop comfortably many kinds of seeds, plants, even supplies for home gardening to support doing the gardening. To support customers when shopping online and receiving the best Burpee discounts, our website – TheDailyCoupons, often provides and updates continuously Burpee coupon code. Coming to the store and get many interesting, attractive offers and promotions such as get 10% OFF grafted tomatoes, discount 20% when you buy 2 garlic bulbs… Do not forget to apply Burpee coupon to grab these deals.

Burpee is a seed company that was founded by Washington Atlee Burpee in 1876. Burpee provides seeds and plants that are available for all growing zones and for all seasons and Burpee guarantees each and every product. So, customers can feel secure about quality of products and shop but do not need to worry about prices when going to Burpee. Moreover, our website will often update all Burpee coupon codes in many kinds of products such as Burpee seeds, flower seeds, watering, pots, trays…

How To Use Burpee Coupon Code

To buy products with Burpee coupon codes, you need to carry out these simple steps. You need to click on kinds of seeds or plants that you want to buy. Then, press button “Add To Cart”. Next, you click on “View Cart” and you will see a box that you must enter your Burpee coupon code. After clicking on “Apply Code”, your total will be discounted.

How to use Burpee coupon code

FAQs Of Burpee

1. Which types of payment does Burpee accept?

Currently, we accept the following payment methods: Visa, Amex, Discover, Pay Pal, and Burpee Plastic & E-Gift Cards.

2. Can I preorder a “currently unavailable” item?

Because our nursery stock is sold on a seasonal basis, we cannot back order our products, so you cannot preorder an item that is currently unavailable.

3. How can I track my shipment?

After placing an order, you will immediately receive an order confirmation e-mail with a shipment tracking number provided.

If you place your order by mail or do not have an e-mail address you wish to provide for your account, you can call our customer service line, 1-800-333-5808, to receive shipping information for your order.

4. Can I change my order?

If you want to change or cancel an order, you can call customer service line, 1-800-333-5808, as soon as possible. Seeds are usually shipped within one to two days of an order placement, so it is best to call back the same day you place that order to do so.

Burpee Tips & Tricks: Tips For Planting Vegetables At Home

Today, in the market, vegetables sources make people afraid about the problem of pesticide residues. So, growing fresh vegetables at home is becoming the new trend. Growing vegetables at home is not simply planting and harvesting, but you also need to grasp the technical information. Because of in the process of planting, there are a lot of problems.

Here are useful tips of growing vegetables at home for your reference to plan of planting vegetables.

It should be soaked before sowing seeds

Soaking seeds is a measure to help ensure the best germination rate for seeds. You should soak seeds in 6-10 hours, then put them in wet towels in 1-2 days, and when seeing that husk split open, you start planting.

Choose land that is suitable both clean and safe for health

Choose suitable soil - Burpee

Actually, taking advantage of available land to grow vegetables at home is not feasible. These soils usually have less needed nutrients for vegetables. On the other hand, if the soil is not good in keeping wet, vegetables are difficult in development.

If you do not want to use inorganic fertilizers such as NPK, Fu, DAP, Urea ... when planting, you should add nutritional soil or earthworm fertilizer to help well-developed tree.

Note using of chemical fertilizers when growing vegetables at home

Note using of chemical fertilizers - Burpee

When growing vegetables at home we can control the dose of chemical fertilizer. In addition, you can use chemical fertilizers like urea, phosphate... because this is a type that is easy to find, and easy to use, you can dilute in water to water vegetables.

Reuse soil after harvesting vegetables

Theoretically, vegetable growing land can be used several times. When reusing the soil after harvesting, you should pick up remaining leaves and roots and then dry soils under the sun from 4-5 days to kill pathogens. Then mix nutrition soil or earthworm fertilizer with a ratio of 1:1.


If you have any questions or requests to Burpee, you can call to number 1-800-888-1447 or send a message via Facebook, Twitter or follow us in Instagram, Pinterest or Youtube. Burpee will try their best to answer questions of customers in the shortest time.