Checks In The Mail Coupon Codes

Active Checks In The Mail Coupon Codes - Jul 11, 2020
Active Checks In The Mail Coupon Codes - Jul 11, 2020


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About Check In The Mail

Checks are an essential for businessman and for those who don’t want to bring a large amount of money because of its useful and convenient. The checks with a colored background may have made your bored. So why don’t you charge it? Let’s go to Checks In The Mail and select a sample you like. You not also own an impressive checkbook but also get the discount price with Checks In The Mail coupon code. At, you will find a ton of Checks In The Mail coupons which bring to you many great benefits such as save up to 30% on business checks, 20% off on personal checks, free shipping and so much more. Come to Checks In The Mail, you don’t have to be worry about its quality and design. You will always be guaranteed by Checks In The Mail staffs. Let’s choose a check sample and place an order at the low price with Checks In The Mail discount code. Checks In The Mail always meets your demand.

Checks In The Mail was founded in 1922. It specializes in design and supply bank checks and related supplies with history in the check. Checks In The Mail is committed to providing the high – quality and distinctive design with over 200 colorful check designs, coordinating checkbook covers, personalized address labels and more. Customers will always be satisfied with the products. It offers a wide range of personal checks, business checks, coordinating products and check accessories. A variety of products is waiting for you to discover. Do not forget to apply our Checks In The Mail promo code.

How To Use Checks In The Mail Coupon Code

Get the Checks In The Mail coupon code and follow these steps below to redeem your code:

1.      Select the product and add it to the cart

2.      Fill required information and click on the Checkout button

3.      Enter your code and apply it to finish shopping.

How To Use Checks In The Mail Coupon Code

FAQs Of Checks In The Mail

1.      Can I change or cancel or return my online order?

Once you submitted the order, your product will be produced immediately, so you can’t change or cancel. In term of return, because your checks are personalized, Checks In The Mail can’t accept the returned products. But if Checks In The Mail made an error on your order, they will replace your order when you contact their customer service.

2.      What payment methods can be used on Checks In The Mail?

Checks In The Mail accepts Credit Card, PayPal or electronic debit of your checking account.

3.      How many shipping options are available on Checks In The Mail?

Checks In The Mail offers 5 shipping options, which are:

-          Overnight: takes 6 Business Days to deliver

-          2nd Day Delivery: takes 7 Business Days to deliver

-          Trackable: takes 10-12 Business Days to deliver

-          Priority / 1st Class Mail: takes 9-11 Business Days to deliver

-          Non-Trackable Mail: takes 12-14 Business Days to deliver

4.      Does Checks In The Mail print checks for foreign accounts?

Checks In The Mail doesn’t print checks for foreign accounts due to differences in the way bank information is printed on the checks. Currently, they just ship within the US.

Checks In The Mail Tips & Tricks: Check Writing Tips To Preventing Criminals

Checks are used because of its useful and convenient. But it is a type of payment vulnerable to fraud attacks. So, how to prevent criminals? Here are some useful suggestions for you.

Choosing types of pen to use

You should use gel ink pen because it will prevent check washing procedures. Check washing occurs when criminal erase details from checks to allow them to be rewritten. If you don’t have a gel ink pen, you can use a fountain pen filled with black ink.

Handling Mistakes

Write VOID

There are some mistakes that you can easily fix such as date or year information but some mistakes can’t be fixed. In this case, you should write the large “VOID" across the check.  If the voided check is to be sent to set up direct deposit or debit, make a copy for your records. Furthermore, you can also tear the voided check into tiny pieces. The key to preventing criminals from reusing your check is to make it unusable.

Writing the dollar sign

Write the numeral

You should write the numeral and the dollar sign as close as possible. If not, someone could enter an extra numeral between the dollar sign and the first numeral and change the amount of check.

Signing the check


You should sign your checks the same way that you signed the signature card at the bank when you opened the account. Never sign a blank check because someone could use it illegally.

Filling out the memo section

Fill out the memo section

On the memo section located on the bottom left of the check, you write down how you want the payment to be applied. Or you can make a note for yourself to note what it was used for.


If you have any question or want to learn more about the products, you can contact Checks In The Mail by phone: 1-800-733-4443 or by fax: (800) 800-2432. Besides, you can follow Checks In The Mail social network: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to get more information.