Contact Lens King Coupon Codes

Active Contact Lens King Coupon Codes - Sep 22, 2020
Active Contact Lens King Coupon Codes - Sep 22, 2020
Great Offer
Many Contact Lens King deals are provided. Buying any Box On Air Optix Aqua Lenses, you pay only $29.95 without Contact Lens King coupon code.
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Great Offer
WIthout Contact Lens King coupon code, you pay just $41.50 once buying Box Of Acuvue Oasys For Astigmatism Lenses.
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5% Discount
Many Contact Lens King coupon codes are given. Buying Avaira Toric without Contact Lens King coupon code, you will get 5% sale.
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Great Offer
Many Contact Lens King deals are given. Once buying Box Of Air Optix Night & Day Aqua Lenses without Contact Lens King coupon code, you pay only $44.95.
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10% Discount
Contact Lens King provides a lot of coupon codes. Once placing first order with this Contact Lens King coupon code, you will get 10% sale.
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50$ Discount
Shopping at Contact Lens King and becoming the friendly customer right now. You will have the chance to enjoy Contact Lens King deal.
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5% Discount
Have you found any item at Contact Lens King? Contact Lens King always brings more special chance to all customer. You can save 5% off Avaira Toric.
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15% Discount
Don't forget to collect Contact Lens King deal and save your pocket. Make sure that you will have a happy shopping day at Contact Lens King.
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10% Discount
Contact Lens King always brings these great services with amazing deals on any items. You will find these advantage and the most comfortable things.
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Apart from discount, you can take FREE Shipping on your order. No code needed.
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8$ Discount
You can get $8 OFF when buying 4 boxes of Biotrue ONEday 90 Pack. Visit their site to get more!
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15% Discount
You can enjoy 15% Air Optix Aqua Multifocal at Contact Lens King. Take this chance soon.
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5$ Discount
This is a special deal. You can get up to $5 OFF Bulk Purchase of 8 Boxes of Dailies AquaComfort Plus at Contact Lens King.
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10% Discount
This is the first time you shop at Contact Lens King? You have chances to get 10% Promotions on your first order.
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You are short - sighted? You have to wear a pair of glasses almost all day to see everything clear. Wearing glasses makes you uncomfortable, inconvenient and unconfident. As a result, you would like to buy contact lens at reasonable prices. So as to save more on your deal, gives you millions of free Contact Lens King coupon as well as special deals and offers. Entering Contact Lens King coupon code at checkout, you can get up to 70% discount on your purchase. Plus, with the help of Contact Lens King coupon free shipping, you aren’t charged delivery cost for your order. Make use of the promotional chance before the sale is invalid!

Founded in 2004, Contact Lens King is a professional, dependable contact lens supplier. Contact Lens King offers contact lens wearers with branded contact lens at the lowest Contact Lens King processing fee. With easy to navigate and easy to use website and a large inventory, they have served millions of people all over the world. Besides, dedicated and friendly staff helps ensure customer satisfaction. As a result, they are a leading company in the service industry of providing contact lens. Moreover, it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and assigned an A+ rating. Contact Lens King is a preferred destination for you to look for suitable, quality and Contact Lens King reliable contact lens as well as solutions for healthy eyes. Come and shop at Contact Lens King with confidence as soon as possible!


The following instruction is hoped to help you save your pocket by applying Contact Lens King discount code at checkout.

  • Step 1: Find your favored item and choose relevant information. Add it to your shopping bag.

check out step 1 Contact

  • Step 2: At your shopping bag, type Contact Lens King code into the box to get discounted price. Then, click “Checkout” to make payment.

check out step 2 Contact

  • Last step: Complete other information as required.

Have a nice day!


If you are searching information for Contact Lens King complaints or Contact Lens King review, you can read some useful pieces of following information to get more details.

1.  Can I cancel my order?

If your order has not shipped yet, you are free to make a cancellation on your purchase. Just login your account and cancel your order. In case of shipped deal, please call Contact Lens King customer service at 800-352-0255 to get support

2. Can I order contact for one eye only?

You definitely can place an order for just one eye. When making purchases, you will see the section “Enter your contact lens prescription”, then you choose “Right eye” or “Left eye” as you want.

3. What is your return policy?

If you are not happy with their items, you can return the items to them to get a full refund within 30 days from when making purchases. Your package must be in unopened, unmarked, undamaged and in original condition. You will receive a full credit, excluding any delivery costs.

4. Can I reorder an order I have cancelled?

Making effort to get customer satisfaction, they are willing to help you solve your problem. Reordering is always quick and simple.

Wish you happy shopping!


Notes when wearing contact lens

You are short - sighted? You choose to wear contact lens instead of a pair of glasses? You need to pay attention to some notes below before wearing contact lens to ensure beautiful and healthy eyes.

1. Ask for permission from doctor before wearing contact lens

You are short - sighted? You don’t go to check your eyesight for a long time? If so, before deciding to wear contact lens, it is very important for you to check your vision. Moreover, person with sensitive eyes can’t be worn contact lens.

2. Clean your contact lens as instruction

clean contact lens

Don’t use normal water to clean your contact lens because water can contain small dregs that can harm your eyes. The only cleanser you can use is contact lens cleansers.

3. Limit wearing contact lens

It is unwise for you to wear contact lens for all day long. Wearing them too long can make your eyes itchy, dry and uncomfortable. Especially, you had better take off contact lens before taking a snap in the afternoon or sleeping at night. If your workplace is polluted, limiting wearing contact lens is a smart option.

4. Check your contact lens before wearing

check contact lens

Don’t reuse daily disposables of contact lens as well as expired contact lens! It is not a good idea to use contact lens of other people. Keep in mind that taking off contact lens when feeling itchy or uncomfortable. If your condition is worse, you are highly recommended to go to the hospital to ask for prescription from doctors.

Contact Lens King gives you lots of suitable and reliable contact lens. Come and shop at Contact Lens King to shop quality items and receive big discount with the help of Contact Lens King discount code.


For further information related to their products or service, you can call them at Contact Lens King phone number 1-800-352-0255. Their customer service representatives are willing to help you Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm Eastern Time. Another way is send them an email to customerservice@contactlensking. Plus, you could stay connected with them on Facebook or Twitter to update their new arrivals as well as enjoy their new discount, promotional programs or Contact Lens King promo code.