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Active Enterprise Coupon Codes - Aug 14, 2020
Active Enterprise Coupon Codes - Aug 14, 2020
Great Offer
You can get weekend vehicles at the price of $17.99 per day at Enterprise?! Take the coupon soon!
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15% Discount
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Renting a car at Enterprise locations in San José and Liberia and get 15% off. This offer is valid through December 15, 2016.
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Are you seeking many cars for your company on the next holiday? Are you looking for a rental car service at the best price? Enterprise will make your wish come true. Being the reliable partner of Enterprise, we - TheDailyCoupons.com is delighted to bring you the best benefit by supplying Enterprise coupon for customer. Once using coupon code to rent car at Enterprise, you possibly save up to 40% your reservation. Why can you miss an interesting chance? Invite your friend and enjoy Enterprise product right now!

What about Enterprise? Launched in 1957 by Jack Taylor, Enterprise is the largest car rental company located in the U.S. Also, they get over 5,400 “home city” locations and more than 419 airport locations. With nearly 60 years of establishment, Enterprise has served a huge number of million customers in many countries in the world including the US, the UK, Spain, Germany and Canada. Their annual average has reached up to a remarkable number of 18.1 billion USD from consumption of Enterprise products. With a very high work spirit of 83,000 employees; Enterprise has generated a high quality on service during long years. Moreover, their customer service is always at the highest performances.  Especially, the customer service of Enterprise has placed on the top customer satisfaction seven times by J.D. Power and Association. Through their great achievement, customers totally trust to use service at Enterprise.


Are you seeking the way to use Enterprise coupons? These following detail steps will support you.
Step1. Enter the main page at Enterprise.com and click “Rent” on the top of the page and choose rental car form that you want to make a reservation.
Enterprise how to use step 1Step 2. Choose your location, pick-up time, return time, your age and fill the coupon code as this image.

Enterprise how to use step 2

Do these above steps and you success in applying at Enterprise. Remember to pick Enterprise promo code at TheDailyCoupons.com.




When using service at Enterprise, you might cope with some matters. This below writing will assist you.
1. Cash and money can be accepted by Enterprise?
Enterprise has a lot of branches in many countries including domestic and international. Some branches accept cash and money when ordering Enterprise rental but few branches do not accept. Therefore, you need to contact the renting location directly to get further information.
2. Can I give my driving license in Europe?
Of course, it is one of papers that you have to give them when making a rental car reservation. Apart from non-expired driving license, you have to give photo ID/Passport. In addition, there are some other papers that you have to give depend on each nation.
3. Do they sell car?
Beside Enterprise car rental, Enterprise also has been selling cars that used for over 40 years and a lot of vehicles in more than 140 locations. If you want to own an used car, please contact customer service at 1-888-227-7253.
4. If I want to hire 20 passenger vans, do you have enough?
Yes, you can rent vans with more than this number. However, it is ensured that you are 25 years old at least and get a driving license. They always try to provide enough vehicle for customer.
These answers are popular that help you rent or buy Enterprise car without trouble.


Tips for renting car
Are you having a plan for the next summer holiday but worry about how to hire a car? This writing will share with you some tips before deciding to hire the car.
1. Number of people
This is the first thing to decide to choose which kind of car. Currently, a lot of cars are available with a variety seats from 4 to 45 seats. Before hiring a car, you should consider the number of person and rent suitable car.

Enterprise tip 1 number of people

2. Time for car rental

You ought to plan for your trip soon and make car rental reservation early to prevent overload renter situation, also you have less choice of car. Weekend and holiday are the time of overnumber renting car so that you should schedule your plan and hire car immediately. 

Enterprise tip 2 time for car rental3. Hired car check
An ignored noted small thing is that you need to check the rental car before deciding to hire. It is ensure that the car is not scratched. What is more? Try running the car to confirm that the engine works well. By this way, you can avoid losing money.

Enterprise tip 3 hired car check

These tips are clear, aren’t they? Try applying them into hiring Enterprise car and you will see their efficient.



When using service at Enterprise, you may face some matters, please contact Enterprise phone number at 1-800-736-8222, they are interested in receiving your feedbacks and serving you. Or visit social network Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and download Enterprise app to update new information on service as well as promotion program.