FedEx Office Coupon Codes

Active FedEx Office Coupon Codes - Aug 23, 2019
Active FedEx Office Coupon Codes - Aug 23, 2019
15% Discount
FedEx always brings these great services with amazing deals on any items. You will find these advantage and the most comfortable things.
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25% Discount
Come to FedEx, you can find the fastest, easiest FedEx promotions with the great price, and quality guaranteed.
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25% Discount
Shopping at FedEx and becoming the friendly customer right now. You will have the chance to enjoy FedEx discount code.
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ABOUT FEDEX has become the leading search for many years. is honored to set the partnership with FedEx with objective of delivering benefit for customer by giving FedEx coupon. The more you spend the more you gain, coming to and picking FedEx coupon; you will have chance to save up to 50% FedEx price when using service at FedEx. What an amazing sale! What are you looking for? Grasp  and enjoy their service at the lowest cost. Don’t let this chance slip by!.

Appeared in the global market for 45 years, FedEx has become the top post delivery company. Launched in Tennessee, the United States, FedEx is glad to serve million customer for a long time since the establishment. They also provide service on express mail, freight forward, third-party logistics. In particular, their revenue has climbed up to a remarkable number of 47.453 billion in 2015. Their market is covered in almost countries in the world as FedEx Philippines, Vietnam, the UK. With more than 300,000 passionate employees, FedEx has brought satisfaction for many customer. With all their achievement, FedEx is coming first into customer’s mind when finding delivery service. Try using service at FedEx with FedEx coupon to enjoy new experience.


Are you finding the way to use FedEx coupon? Here is the instruction that helps you.

Step 1. Create an account by “Enter Your Registration Information”.

Step 2. Enter account information.

Step 3. Registration confirmation.

Step 4. My FedEx Rewards registration.

Step 5. Choose service and fill FedEx coupon.

FedEx how to useSo now, you can enjoy savings at FedEx. Don’t forget to use FedEx coupon at our site.


Here you will find the answers for your problems that you may face when using service at FedEx.

1. Do I need an online account on

It is compulsory since you can only use online account to use service at FedEx. To get an online account, you have to enter the main page at and click “My profile” then click “New Customer” and fill your information so that you can use service easily.

2. How can I order shipping supplies?

To make an order on shipping supplies, you have to call FedEx customer service at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339. Also, you have to remember FedEx tracking number to take the shipping order.

3. What payment methods that I can use?

You can use one of these payment options: EFT, Credit Card and direct Debit. Credit Card includes Visa, Discover Network, MasterCard, American Express. Therefore, you have many choices to pay at FedEx.

4. How can I track my shipping?

The shipping status will be informed in your profile at Also, you can check your shipping via your email. They will send you a confirmation email after your success order. More easily, you can contact FedEx customer service to know it.

Wish you will have a good time at FedEx without trouble. Remember to  pick FedEx coupon at our site.


The ways to deliver package

Do you want to ship the package for your friend but you don’t know which way to deliver?. Moreover, you scare that your package can be insecured? These ways are for you.

1. Public transport

Almost people don’t think about this way to ship the package. You can contact the driver and ask for help to deliver your package to the location that you want to deliver. However; it is noted that you have to contact the receiver first to estimate when the package can be received. Also, your package cannot be security.

FedEx tip 1 public transport


2. Post office

You can deliver via post office and let the receiver know when you deliver the package. However, if you ship via the post office, it takes much time to receive the package. Moreover, you have to pay for this service.

FedEx tip 2 post office

3. Express service

When using the express service, your package can be secured. Moreover, it takes a short time to deliver to the receiver. Hence, you should choose this way to ship your order. However, you have to pay for this service. Also, don’t forget to let the receiver to get the package.

FedEx tip 3 express service

Hope that you will have choice on shipping your package. To get express service, you can come to FedEx. Remember to pick FedEx coupon at our site.



FedEx contact is available for customer when facing issues at FedEx. Please make a phone call at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 if you have troubles on using service at FedEx. FedEx customer service is delighted to support you as well as receive your feedback. Their social networks on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube are provided to help you can update new programs on FedEx conveniently and you also possibly drop comment, concern on these social networks.