JR Cigars Coupon Codes

Active JR Cigars Coupon Codes - Sep 21, 2020
Active JR Cigars Coupon Codes - Sep 21, 2020


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About JR Cigars

You are a person who loves to enjoy the cigars and you don’t want to quit them? Are you finding a store where can provide all kinds of cigars with the best attractive prices? Don’t worry! Our website – TheDailyCoupons really understands what customers desire, so we will often provide and update continuously JR Cigars coupon code to support customers for shopping online with the lowest possible prices in the store. Besides, JR Cigars also always creates many exclusive promotions but customers only can find in JR Cigars for sale up to $5 OFF for your order, 45% OFF all Gurkha 5-packs and even 53% OFF for MSRP of 20 boxes of Montecristo. This is really a wonderful opportunity that JR Cigars  always wants to give to customers as deep thanks in their career. Moreover, customers should use JR Cigars discount code plus JR Cigars free shipping coupon when shopping online to save a large of money and enjoying the special gifts.

JR Cigars is one of the biggest wholesalers and retailers of cigars and some items relating to pipe tobacco in the USA. Their mission is to supply the highest-quality cigars with the best suitable prices in the markets. JR Cigars is increasingly expanding and improving in many different fields to serve customers in the best way. Besides, we will often provide all JR Cigars coupon codes in many products as JR Cigars accessories, JR Cigars cigarettes, JR Cigars pipe tobacco, JR Cigars vape.

How To Use JR Cigars Coupon Code

To buy the cigars with JR Cigars coupon code, you only need to implement following these steps in JR Cigars. When you selected products that you want to buy, you will click on the black button “Add To Cart”. Then, you will press continuously the button “ Proceed To Cart” to move to the next step. Next, you will see a box that you must paste your JR Cigars coupon code and click on the button “Redeem” to finish ordering items. Finally, your total bill will be discounted JR Cigars. 

How To Use JR Cigars Coupon Code

FAQs Of JR Cigars

1. Can I change or cancel my order?

Customers can not cancel or change any items in the case of they are submitted in JR Cigars. However, customers still should contact to customer care services (1-888-574-3576 ) in JR Cigars to announce about this status. JR Cigars will try to their best to find the best way for customers.

2. How long can I return my orders?

If you feel unsatisfied with any items in JR Cigars, you can return them within 30 days of day trading. JR Cigars will only accept items that are in new condition and unopened. Besides, you must use return label and return form in the store.

3. Do you ship for international orders?

Unfortunately, JR Cigars can not ship for the international orders at the moment. In the future, JR Cigars will try to develop the international delivery services for customers over the world. So, customers also should regard carefully before ordering in JR Cigars.

4. How must I do to check my status orders?

If you want to check the status orders in JR Cigars, you only need to click on the line word “Order Tracking” at the bottom of JR Cigars’ homepage. Then, you must fill order number and click on the button “Submit”. 

JR Cigars Tips & Tricks: How To Preserve The Cigars

Smoking the cigars can cause a lot of negative impacts on the health of the smokers and those around. However, in fact, many people find pleasure and comfort in life from smoking because smoking the cigars can reduce the pressure and stress at work every day. Unlike cigarettes, after wrapping, the cigars are stored in the box from 6-12 months. To ensure the quality of cigar always keeping the aroma, flavor, and texture, you need to have a method to preserve them. So, how to preserve the cigars? In the simplest way, you should visit JR Cigars to get many useful tips in the store. Besides, JR Cigars also will provide all kinds of cigars with various flavors for customers to choose. Customers not only save more money and time but also enjoy many wonderful values in life. If you are intending to find information about this problem, you can note some tips below.

JR Cigars cigars

About temperature

According to the cigar manufacturers in the world advise that customers should store the cigars at temperatures from 16 to 18° C and standard humidity 65% - 70%. However, in fact, we can temporarily preserve the cigars at temperatures below 22 °C and humidity of 60% -75%. Besides, customers should not put the cigar in hot temperatures because the cigar will lose its special flavor.

JR Cigars cabinets

About the use storage cabinets

To have the best cigars, customers should use the special moisturizing boxes or cabinets to preserve the cigars. Moisturizing boxes and cabinets will prevent fungus, mold and minimize the impact of external climate into in the boxes and cabinets. Cigar standard preservation boxes must be made if cedar wood in Spanish, red cedar wood in American or mahogany wood in Honduras. Because these kinds of woods are odorless and don’t affect the smell of the cigars. Cedar woods of Spain will be the best material to preserve the cigars. 


Customers can contact to JR Cigars via number 1-888-574-3576 or send a message to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to ask any questions or requests in the store. JR Cigars will try their best to answers all customer’s question in the shortest time. Besides, customers can follow Youtube to know more detail information.