Keepsake Quilting Coupon Codes

Active Keepsake Quilting Coupon Codes - Jun 01, 2020
Active Keepsake Quilting Coupon Codes - Jun 01, 2020
40% Discount
Keepsake Quilting often bring the best thing to customer. With Keepsake Quilting deal, you can save 40% off holiday kits.
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Great Offer
Take more advantage at Keepsake Quilting now. You can save money easily with Keepsake Quilting deal. Make sure that you will fell comfortable to shop at Keepsake Quilting.
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Free Shipping
The chance is always available at Keepsake Quilting. When buying any items at Keepsake Quilting, you can get free shipping on orders of $100+.
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10% Discount
Stop at Keepsake Quilting and see how can you save with Keepsake Quilting coupon code. Keepsake Quilting always brings suitable price and convenient.
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15% Discount
With Keepsake Quilting coupon code you will have the chance to get more benefit and save your pocket easily.
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About Keepsake Quilting

Have you found any favorite item at Keepsake Quilting? Keep your eyes at Keepsake Quilting, and don’t miss any chance. is proud to provide these Keepsake Quilting coupon codes when you shop at Keepsake Quilting. Take the advantages at Keepsake Quilting and get extra savings on your purchase by using Keepsake Quilting discount code. When you spend $50, you can save 15% off with the promo code CYBERKQ15. Besides, customers can get FREE standard shipping on all orders of $100 or more. Make sure that you will feel happy with everything at Keepsake Quilting. With Keepsake Quilting discount, you can find great value and keep the consumer surplus rolling.

Keepsake Quilting was founded in 1986 by Judy and Russ Sabanek. They provide the finest quality cotton fabrics, quilting books, quilt kits and quilt patterns. Keepsake Quilting always brings these true values and high quality, so you will be comfortable to shop and grab yourself a bargain with Keepsake Quilting promo code. What are you waiting? Come to Keepsake Quilting, you will feel comfortable about personal service, and exceptional value in products. Don’t miss the chance to touch to big Keepsake Quilting deal from today! Make sure that you can get more great chance from Keepsake Quilting deal.

How To Use The Keepsake Quilting Coupon Code

Save today with Keepsake Quilting coupon codes. To use the East Dane discount code, please follow the instructions below, you will see everything is extremely simple and easy!

Choose favourite items

Add to cart

Go to checkout if you don’t want to continue shopping

Enter Keepsake Quilting discount code in the box and finish the process

How To Use The Keepsake Quilting Coupon Code

FAQs When Shopping At Keepsake Quilting

1.How do i check the status of my order online?

If you want to check the status of your order online, please click on "My Account". Make sure that your orders will be displayed under "Order Status".

2.What is the physical address of the shop?

The address is 12 Main St, Center Harbor, NH 03226. You can use the map programs to get directions to the shop. If you want to return an item, you can use the address Rt. 25B, PO Box 1618, Center Harbor, NH 03226.

3. What does ship method PD mean?

It means that the items were shipped by US Mail. Normal delivery time is 7–10 business days.

4. How should a quilt be washed?

Often quilts are destroyed by improper care and cleaning. The weight of a quilt when wet can cause stress to the fibers of the fabric and batting if lifted improperly or if too much agitation is involved.

Keepsake Quilting Tips And Tricks: How to distinguish the fabrics

You can choose these suitable suits if you know some knowledge about the advantage of the fabrics.

The cotton

The cotton

This is the most popular material today. This material can be knitted with the thickness, smooth and different weight. Cotton is the most preferred material because it is suitable for every shape and adapt well in all weather.

The advantage: High durable, and quick-drying laundry, absorb sweat, reduce heat, bring comfort to the wearer.


The khaki fabric is thicker than other material. It is often used to sew clothing.

The advantage: less wrinkled, easy laundry, and good mordant.



The kate is the mixing between cotton and polyester. It absorbs well and has the smooth fabric. Besides, the kate is easy to laundry.

How to recognize different types of fabrics

How to recognize different types of fabrics

Cotton spandex

The cotton comes from the cotton fabric which is made from natural ingredients and chemical substances. This material is used commonly in clothing because of the features. However, the cotton fabric is expensive.

The spandex

The spandex is cheap and relative quality. The ingredient include 35% cotton, and 65% nylon.

Here are some ways to recognize the fabrics

Cotton fiber: fast fire, the smells like burning paper.

Silk: the silk fire slower than cotton fiber.

Wool fleece: When burning, it has the smell like burning hair.

Vitco fiber: easy to burn, it has the smell as burning paper.

Acetate fibers: it burns slowly, and burn into the plastic drops, easy to crush.


If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask by using the live chat feature. Besides, you can follow on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram to update the latest information. Please do not hesitate to contact via phone number: 603 742-0211 or email: If you want to return your order, please sending to Bernina of America, 3702 Prairie Lake Court, Aurora, IL 60504. Keepsake Quilting is committed to making sure that all of your problems get resolved at the earliest possible.