Lowes Coupon Codes

Active Lowes Coupon Codes - Aug 11, 2020
Active Lowes Coupon Codes - Aug 11, 2020
50% Discount
Shop Select Patio Furniture, Decorative Rugs, Grills and more to get up to 50%. Check for savings.
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11% Discount
When buying Lowe's Gift Cards using CardCash, Lower store gives you 11% discount. Time for this promotion is limited.
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20$ Discount
With the order valued more than $100, you can receive $20. This coupon code is limited.
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450$ Discount
Joining in Current Promotions of Lowe store, you can save up to $450. Promo time is limited.
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50% Discount
When using this coupon, you can save 50% with Tools, Home & Garden, Accessories & Decorations. Promo time will end soon.
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Free Shipping
Spending more than $498 when shopping at lowes store, you can receive free delivery. It will be a great chance for save your money.
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Actually, there are a numerous number of Lowes coupon codes provided by Lowe’s every day, every week. However, sometimes, it is difficult for many people to get Lowes promo codes. That’s the reason why TheDailyCoupons.com has had a link to this company to get the best and the latest discounts. Let’s visit Lowes store to obtain up to 60% sale off as well as free shipping!

Seven decades after Lucius Smith Lowe opened up a small hardware store in North Carolina in 1961, Lowe’s Companies, Inc. became the second largest hardware chain over the US and all over the world and the 50th among 500 countries on the Fortune list. In Lowe’s stores, they provide consumers with 36,000 items in stock in each typical store at the total at over 500,000 special order items. They serve nearly 16 million customers weekly with the different services from interior to exterior installation services. The main products supported are home improvement appliances and tools, supplier for hunting and camping, dining and entertaining, other products such as extended protection plans, repair services, and credit financing.


Not everyone knows to apply the Lowes coupon codes, deals and offers when they want to check out. There are some specific steps that you might find them easy to use.

Step 1: After getting Lowes promo codes on our website, offers and deals, going to the main page of Lowe’s and selecting the products you want to buy.

Steps 2: Then filling the quantity and adding to the cart before checking out. You can continue to buy.

lowes how to use the code ezseed

The essential information

Step 3: At the next step, you can choose the delivery method. Picking up at store if you can, if your order is over $49, the parcel shipping method is free. In the empty box with a red arrow you enter the Lowe’s promo code to save more. (You can see the picture below)

lowes how to use the code enter code

Enter code

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the order, click on the checkout to receive what you need.

Remember that all your information must be precise. Wish you success!


For A Safe and Convenient Bathroom

A bathroom is not only convenient but also safe for everyone. Due to the smooth of the bathroom floor, the members in your family are at risk of slipping on the floor and falling, especially for the old and kids.

Moen Home Care Wall Mount Grab Bar may help you solve the safe problem.  With three colors and types of grab bar, namely brushed nickel, chrome, and old world bronze, you will find it easy to combine with the theme of your bathroom. Along with this, another feature that really stands out is that your children at any age or any height can hold it easily without difficulty. At the price of $46.95 each item, Lowe’s offers you free shipping for it.

lowes grap bar product

Grab bar

You must think that a shower chair can make the bathroom more comfortable for you. Be easy to use, easy to move, a drive medical white plastic freestanding shower chair is for you. This chair is quite light and convenient. You can adjust the height or disassemble every part of the chair to move them to another place. Only at $79.69 with free shipping, hurry up to get one!

lowes shower chair product

A shower chair

The toilet is too short that you feel uncomfortable every time you use it. Moen home care white elevated toilet seat will help you to tackle with this problem. Be quick to put on the toilet and easy to take away with $55.98 each seat (free shipping by truck). Why don’t you buy one to have a happy moment?

toilet seat lowes product

Toilet seat

Here are some recommended products that help you have an overlook about the accessories for bathroom of Lowe’s. For more styles, shapes and size, go to the main page, and apply Lowes coupon codes or use offers, deals to get the products at the most reasonable price.


Having any questions of Lowes store, start with this following FAQs today!

1. What if you want to give a feedback about your experience about Lowe’s online?

You can put a feedback easily by go the contact section online at Lowe’s.com, there you can see one question about feedback. After clicking on it a series of empty box will appear, you fill all the required information and your feedback. They will receive it soon.

2. What information do you need to remember when you want to change, track or cancel the order online?

There are five things that will be useful, including confirmation number, order number, tracking number store location, and shipping delivery method. You can find the confirmation number through email the sent you, or they will call you; find order number on your store purchase receipt.

3. Does Lowe’s ship products abroad?

If you are out of the US, even Canada and Mexico, you will not have a chance to receive products from the US store.

4. How much time do you have to return your order?

You have 3 months to return or exchange an item. You can call at 1-800-445-6937 to ask for support.


It is undoubtedly that the color of the curtain is pretty important because it effects on the space of the room. Therefore, the color needs to be suitable to the color of the wall. To have a harmonious space, we recommend you some following tips.

1. The color of the curtain for your window is same with the color of the wall. The same color will make your room look larger. If the wall color is blue or pink, the curtain color should have the background of blue and pink. Otherwise, you love a colorful wall with many different décor patterns on the wall and on the table, you can hang up a curtain with background of various patterns. Remember that those patterns need to be same same color with the decoration of the room.                                 

  lowes tip trick same color

The same color curtain

2. The color of the fabric can be darker or lighter than the wall color. Don’t worry if you are not a stylist because this selection is so simple and easy to combine with the theme of your house.

   lowes tip trick lighter curtain

The lighter curtain color

3. Just keep your room young and new with complementary colors. One thing you need to do is know what the complementary color is by using a color wheel. Once you try on, you will know why the contrast is so amazing and fantastic.

lowes tip trick complementary color

The complementary color

color wheel tip trick lowes

The color wheel

4. Make the strong color of the wall neutral with neutral curtain color. Both solid and tone-on-tone can be used to ease the strong color.

They are some tips offered to you to have a favorite room style. Take your time! If you are looking for a curtain for your house, just shop at Lowes.com. Especially, get Lowe’s coupon code, deals and offers from TheDailyCoupons.com to not only have the best curtain for your home but also save a big amount of money!


Twitter, Facebook, instagram, youtubevine or pinterest; which  online social network of Lowe’s you like? Pick one or you can visit around to get amazing information about Lowe’s. For extra convenience, mobile app, a free download, is for you. Take your time to discover all products and department there.

Problems, issues, difficulties, or everything from shopping to special services, call care team at 1-800-44-LOWES (1-800-445-6937) on Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. (ET) and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (ET). For more, send them an email to the address customercare@lowes.com.