MVMT Watches Coupon Codes

Active MVMT Watches Coupon Codes - Jul 11, 2020
Active MVMT Watches Coupon Codes - Jul 11, 2020
10% Discount
Looking the favorite item at MVMT Watches and get MVMT Watches coupon code which is provided by the Customer can save 10% off your purchase.
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10% Discount
Are you ready to buy any beauty products and collect special deals? Come to MVMT Watches and enjoy these interesting experiences.
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10$ Discount
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15$ Discount
Take more advantage at MVMT Watches now. You can save $15 off easily. Make sure that you will fell comfortable to shop at MVMT Watches.
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Free Shipping
Find the best MVMT Watches coupon and save your pocket. MVMT Watches always welcome all customer with best prices.
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15% Discount
Stop at MVMT Watches and see how can you save with MVMT Watches coupon code. MVMT Watches always brings suitable price and convenient.
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15% Discount
Are you ready to buy any beauty products and collect special deals? Come to MVMT Watches and enjoy these interesting experiences.
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About MVMT Watches

Become elegant and luxury with a range of watches product at MVMT Watches. Let become a friendly member and get more advantage immediately. is proud to help you get the discount with MVMT Watches coupon code. When shopping at MVMT Watches, you will have the chance to save up to 15% off your order and MVMT Watches free shipping worldwide on all orders over $50. Besides, you will have the chance to get $10 off first purchase at MVMT Watches. With MVMT Watches coupon codes, special offers and promotions, make sure that you will be confident to shop. Remember that you do not forget to invite your friend to enjoy this big sale. When you invite them to MVMT, you can save 10% off. Moreover, you'll earn 15% for yourself once they make a purchase.

Base on the belief that style shouldn’t break the bank, MVMT Watches have been founded. They provide the watches product for men and women at the best quality and affordable price. The main products are MVMT Watches watches, leather strap watches. All products are designed & crafted to complement all styles. MVMT Watches always focus on the need of the customers, and bring shopping easily. With MVMT Watches discount, you can find great value and keep the consumer surplus rolling.

How To Use The MVMT Watches Coupon Code

When shopping at MVMT Watches, you will receive a special deal, so you do not miss this opportunity. With MVMT Watches coupon code, you can save up the cost of procurement. To use the MVMT Watches discount code, please follow the instructions below, you will see everything is extremely simple and easy.

Select favourite watches

Add to the cart and check out something related to your option, price and delivery options

Sign up your email account at MVMT Watches

Enter MVMT Watches coupon code in the box and complete shopping process

How To Use The MVMT Watches Coupon Code

FAQs At MVMT Watches

1. When will my order ship?

Depending on the availability of merchandise, you can determine the shipping times. Your orders are normally shipped within 2 business days of purchase. On the weekends or holidays, the shipping process is not implemented.

2. Can I change something on my order?

Yes, you can do that, but please contact MVMT Watches immediately. It will take about 1-3 hours to process orders.

3. Why was my order canceled?

Your order was canceled due to the fraud filter of MVMT Watches marked your order as fraudulent. You can order again with a Paypal account if you are certain that that is not true.

4. What type of stainless steel do you use?

MVMT Watches use a high quality 316 Low Carbon Grade stainless steel. Make sure that customer will feel satisfied with the quality.

MVMT Watches Tips And Tricks: How to distinguish the fake watches and real watches

There are many kinds of watches on the market which are known with the high quality. However, there are some kinds of among are fake with the low quality and high price. So what should we do to buy the real items? Please equip the basic knowledge to distinguish the fake watches and real watches.

Check the dial and glass surface

The genuine watches face is perfect, the figures and detail are clear. You should pay attention to the number and hand of watches. Although these details are small, but to achieve symmetry, smooth, only genuine clock brand can do that.

How to distinguish the fake watches and real watches

Check Check glass surface

With the genuine watches which have the sapphire glass surface, you can identify by pouring a drop of water on a glass surface. However, this method is still not 100% accurate. You can use the hardness tester to determine. If the water droplet rolls off, the glass of watches is ordinary glass. If not, the glass of watches is sapphire.

Check Check glass surface

Check the hand clock

Let check the hand clock carefully. If this is the genuine watches, the hand clock will balance, and have no burrs. Besides, the second hand usually runs quieter, smoother.

Check the wire watches

You can hold tight the wire watch and shake. If this is the genuine watches, the wire will be durable. If this is the fakes, the wire will be loose. The inside and the gaps between the wires of genuine watches still ensure the smooth, and the fake watches are often made sloppy.

Check the wire watches

Check stamps and warranty card

The genuine watches usually come with boxes, bags, manual and warranty card. Logo and letter are clear and properly reflect the information which is engraved on the watches. In contrast, the fake watches often have not the accessories.


If you want to update these new items at MVMT Watches, please call on +1 (888) 507-0220 M-T 8:30-2:00 pm & F 9-1 pm PST, you can follow via some social media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or you can also write to customer service - MVMT Watches promises to solve any your problem immediately