Pep Boys Coupon Codes

Active Pep Boys Coupon Codes - Aug 04, 2020
Active Pep Boys Coupon Codes - Aug 04, 2020
66% Discount
Customers should not skip this chance to get up to 66% OFF for select tire clearance when shopping online in the store.
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10% Discount
This is a wonderful chance for customers when shopping online in Pep Boys. Customers can take up to 10% OFF for auto repairs.
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35% Discount
Pep Boys often brings many exclusive promotions for customers as sale up to 35% OFF for select parts & accessories with PayPal payment.
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50% Discount
Pep Boys gives a ot of promotion programs. Once buying any item at the store, you can get 50% sale off without Pep Boys coupon code.
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41% Discount
Once buying Angry Birds Bird Steering Wheel Cover at Pep Boys, you have chance to save 41% your payment. Pep Boys coupon is not required.
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Great Offer
Start the code for $19.99 on Conventional Oil Change Service. The code is for you.
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Great Offer
Shop Conventional Oil Change at Pep Boys. The price is $21.99 for this product.
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41% Discount
Pep Boys gives a lot of offers. Once buying Angry Birds Bird Steering Wheel Cover, you can save 41% order. Coupon is not required.
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ABOUT PEP BOYS COUPON CODE is proud to be an outstanding representative of Pep Boys to launch a wide array of Pep Boys coupons for customer. By using Pep Boys code, their customers have opportunities to enjoy preferred item at the reasonable price which save up to 70%. Moreover, your order will be delivered to the door without any shipping cost.  What a great saving! Take your time to enjoy right now!

In 1921, Pep Boys was established in Pennsylvania, the United States. This is a reputation address providing Pep Boys auto, Pep Boys tires and service for customer. Pep Boys is owned by Icahn Enterprise company. When it comes to Pep Boys; the coming first in mind of customer is the image of three boys in the logo; these three boys are the founders of Pep Boys are Manny, Moe and Jack (abbreviation is Pep Boys). Today, they operate nearly 7,500 service bays and more than 800 stores in 35 states and Puerto Rico. Along with the slogan: “Trust The Boys To Get You There”, Pep Boys gains more and more favorite from user because of their high quality. For many hard years of overcoming troubles, Pep Boys is currently confident in landing on their feet.


Prevented that you do not know how to receive savings, these following instructions will share you the way how to use Pep Boys coupons.

Step 1. Choose item by clicking “ADD TO CART”.

Pep Boys how to use step 1

Step 2. Insert Pep Boys promo code and click “CHECKOUT”.

PepBoys how to use step 2

Doing these steps; and enjoy deal now! Remember to pick Pep Boys coupons at


Here are several issues that you may meet when shopping at Pep Boys. Find your trouble; and we will support you by these answers.

1. Which payment options that they accept?

A lot of payment methods that you can pay including Pep Boys Credit Card, MasterCard, Discover, Visa and American Express. For personal checks, Pep Boys Gifts Cards, Paypal, Pep Boys CarCareONE Credit Card and Rewards vouchers; they are not accept. However, they are trying to expand their payment option in the near future to improve their site.

2. Why do not I get my order in my cart?

In case you place order up to 30 days but still complete your payment process, your order will be automatically removed in the cart. Another reason why is that your order may be out of stock and they have to remove from your bag. Therefore, you ought to pay your order after placing to ensure that you can receive the items.

3. Can I return my order since I do not receive a receipt?

You can return your item if you do not get a receipt. However, make sure that you inform your problem to customer service before 30 days since the shipping day. Also, you have to give your identification form.

4. How can I find particular item?

On each page at, you can easily see the search bar on the top, please insert your item that you want to buy. Moreover; to get saving, you can use Pep Boys promo code and enjoy your item at the best cost. If you still cannot find your product, please contact customer service at 800-247-3438 to get assistance.

These answers are expected to help you have a great shopping time at Pep Boys without any trouble.



Tip for checking car tire

Checking car tire is very necessary to ensure safety for your journey on the road. This writing will share you some tips to check.

1. Surface

Checking tire surface is very important since it always under friction from the road surface and bear the vehicle load. The use of worn tire is so dangerous even that it increases the high risk of tire explosion and may lead to uncontrolled driving.

Pep Boys tip 1 surface

2. Pressure

The tire life will be reduced if it bears a high pressure. It is note that pressure is influenced by the weather’s temperature. Therefore, you should check tire twice a month at least.

Pep Boys tip 2 pressure

3. Age

The quality of tire that produced for a long time will be declined even that it is never used. Throughout many years, rubber will be easily broken or cracked. Beside, the weather temperature is one of the most factors affecting tire.

Pep Boys tip 3 age

After reading this writing, we hope that you will know how to check your car tire. To get the high quality one, you can visit and choose Pep Boys tires for your car.



Are you having some troubles when shopping at Pep Boys? Are you getting advices for service quality? The store contacts are available to support you, please call Pep Boys phone number at 800-247-3438. In addition, please visit Pep Boys networks on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Instagram or download app on mobile to get more information on their items and sale programs.