ScoreBig Coupon Codes

Active ScoreBig Coupon Codes - Aug 04, 2020
Active ScoreBig Coupon Codes - Aug 04, 2020
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5$ Discount
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10$ Discount
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About ScoreBig

Come to ScoreBig and find these favorite tickets related to sports, concerts, theater and broadway. With a range of high-quality product, you can be comfortable to choose anything for yourself. is proud to provide the ScoreBig coupon code for all customers. So you can use ScoreBig code to save pocket easily. If you are new customers, you can save $20 off $150 on theater, concert, and sports tickets, and receive $10 off $100 ticket purchases when using ScoreBig code at the checkout. Besides, when you sign up for the newsletter, you will have the chance to get $10 off and Scorebig free shipping on your order. Shopping and finding ScoreBig promo code to take more advantages now. Make sure that you will have more interesting experience when shopping online at ScoreBig.

ScoreBig is known as a ticket seller which provides discounted ticket sales, ticket liquidation. ScoreBig  was founded in 2009 by Adam Kanner and Joel Milne. At ScoreBig, you can save up to 60% below box office price. ScoreBig always brings these great services with amazing on all products. You will find these advantage and the most comfortable things. Come to ScoreBig, you will find more interesting things from ScoreBig discount code. Why don’t you come and discover this amazing sale?

How To Use The ScoreBig Coupon Code

To use the ScoreBig discount code, please follow the instructions below, you will see everything is extremely simple and easy

Get the favorite tickets

Choose the quantity and the suitable price

Click on buy now then enter your eTicket delivery information

Go to the next step “payment information”

Enter the ScoreBig promo code in the box

Click on next and move to “review & submit “

How To Use The ScoreBig Coupon Code

FAQs At ScoreBig

1. Why Don’t You Show Seat Numbers?

You can't see the seat numbers because ScoreBig wants to help you get the best saving. You will receive your seat info after your bid is accepted. You can be comfortable that all tickets you get from ScoreBig will be in the seat rating/zone you selected or better.

2. Where are your headquarters?

The headquarters of ScoreBig are at 1800 N. Highland Avenue, 1st Floor, Los Angeles, California, 90028. If you have any problem, please write to this address to get the help.

3. What happens if i make a mistake, can i cancel my order?

Sorry about that. You can't cancel refund or exchange because all purchases on ScoreBig are final.

4. What kinds of payment do you accept?

You can use all major credit cards and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Canada/International credit cards are not accepted at this time on

ScoreBig Tips And Tricks: Choosing The Best Position When Watching Movie

It is really interesting when going to the movies, but if you sit in the first row you will feel sore neck. if you sit on the either side, the eyes will have to stretch, and if you sit in the behind, you will can't see clearly. Everyone wants to go to the movies fun with friends and family in his spare time, so how to choose the best location to watch movies? Let refer some information below to have more experiences when going to the movies!

Choosing The Best Position When Watching Movie

The middle position is not the best position

According to the choosing seat experience when watching movies, maybe because of the size of the theater, the difficult distance of front and behind, and the large differences in screen size and height. Therefore, the central location is not the best location at any movie theater.

The reason is simple, the film was shaded the light on the screen by the projector, and the screen will reflect the image. When you watch a movie which is showed at least an hour under this light in such a long time, your eyes will be vulnerable, so you don't choose the middle position.

The best sound location is the middle

In the studio, the bass speaker is put in the behind of screen

In the studio, the bass speaker is put in the behind of screen.  So when watching these action movies, you will feel more interesting.

Which position you should choose when watching the 3D IMAX?

How is the "VIP seat"? This is the position which has the suitable distance, you can see clearly whole the image on the screen. The seat 16, and 17 is the best location. Besides, you should seat far away from the center a little to avoid damaging the eyes, and the sound is also better, so you can felt the film 3D more effective.

Choose the theater with the different size when watching 2D movies

With the theater which has 10 to 15 rows of seats, the seats 5 and 6 are the best. If the theater has 16 to 20 row of seat, you can choose the seats 7, and 8.


If you want to shop at ScoreBig and improve the shopping experience, feel free to contact to 1-877-726-7324 to get more information, or write to 1800 N. Highland Avenue, 1st Floor, Los Angeles, California, 90028. Besides, you can follow some social media as Facebook, Twitter to update the latest information.