Shoe Carnival Coupon Codes

Active Shoe Carnival Coupon Codes - Aug 14, 2020
Active Shoe Carnival Coupon Codes - Aug 14, 2020


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Are you close customer at Shoe Carnival and want to look for item at the lowest price? will help you by providing coupon code. Once using Shoe Carnival promo code, you have opportunity to enjoy up to 85% your order and may get free delivery. The more you spend, the more you get so that do not forget to share this chance with your friend to get more saving. Why can you let this interesting sale slip by?

What about Shoe Carnival? This is a trusted address which served as the well-known brand in the US. Launched in 1978 by David Russell, Shoe Carnival gives the high quality shoes for the market. With a long years of their appearance (38 years), Shoe Carnival is honored to serve millions customers. Especially, their average revenue has reached 762.5 million dollar in 2012. With the slogan: “A surprise in store”, the store has made “surprise” things for customer by supplying the best choice of shoes. Nowadays, their market is covered in many regions in the US with over 370 stores. 1,640 employees have burnt the candle at both ends with objective to build the large current brand. Throughout many challenges, Shoe Carnival places one of the top footwear brands in the world.


Are you finding the way to use Shoe Carnival coupon code? Please follow this instruction.

Step 1. Choose item.

Shoe Carnival how to use step 1

Step 2. Select size, width and quantity then click “Add to Bag”.

Shoe Carnival how to use step 2

Step 3. Click “Checkout” on the appeared form.

Shoe Carnival how to use step 3

Step 4. Insert Shoe Carnival promo code.

Shoe Carnival how to use step 4

After doing these above steps, you can save your payment. Wish you a great time shopping at Shoe Carnival!.


To tackle your trouble when shopping at Shoe Carnival, we will give you some following frequent problems along with solutions.

1. Can I exchange or return my order?

Yes, you totally can. However, please let them know why you no longer want to use the product. Moreover, you have to ensure that your order still be new and unworn. Your returning and exchange are accepted if you do prior to 60 days since the time you placed order.

2. Which payment options can I pay?

You can use Discover, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal to complete your order transaction. For credit card, your billing address and shipping address need to be filled that they can follow these information and ship to your location.

3. How much I pay for my order?

The cost depends on each item that you order as well as the location your order will be arrived. You can contact customer service at 1-800-430-SHOE or send an email at to get further information on shipping cost. Also, it is suggested that you should use Shoe Carnival promo code that you may receive free shipping.

4. How can I seek out a particular item?

First of all, please access After that, you can easily see the search bar at the top of the main page then fill keyword, style or brand into the bar; they will find the item what you are seeking.

With these answer, we expect that you have a good time purchasing at Shoe Carnival.


The ways to identify genuine Converse shoes

On the current market, there are lots of fake Converse shoes. Do not worry, this tips will help you choose genuine Converse?

1. Material

When seeing surface of the shoes, the first your attention is material. Genuine Converse has smooth nice pigment and its color is hard to fade while the fake shoes’s color is easy to fade. If possibly; spray directly a little water into the surface of shoes and touch your hand to it, the fake shoes’s color clings your hand. In contrast, it is the genuine shoes.

Shoe Carnival tip 1 material

2. Logo

The quick identity is that you ought to touch logo on Converse’s surface. The genuine one gets embossed logo since its logo covered by a nylon layer. Moreover, you will feel ribbed when touching it.

Shoe Carnival tip 2 logo

3. Toe cap

The genuine shoes get smooth toe caps. In addition, their sewing lines are clear and uninterrupted. Because of their high quality on material, they do not deform when being affected by high impacts. Their toe cap’s color is milk ivory.

Shoe Carnival tip 3 toe cap

These above tips help you easily identify genuine Converse. Another simpler way is that you can refer Shoe Carnival converse with a wide range of high quality styles that you will be not worry about the fake Converse.



You may face some problems on Shoe Carnival printable coupon, ordering, shipping, returning, etc when shopping at Shoe Carnival? Please make a phone call to customer service at 1-800-430-SHOE (1-800-430-7463). Also, contact them via to let them know your issues as well as your comment; they are delighted to serve you. Furthermore, Shoe Carnival app and social networks are available including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, that you can easily enjoy shopping anywhere.