SiteGuarding Coupon Codes

Active SiteGuarding Coupon Codes - Jul 11, 2020
Active SiteGuarding Coupon Codes - Jul 11, 2020
50% Discount
SiteGuarding provides the best Antivirus software at discounted price. Check SiteGuarding promo code with 50% OFF orders and protect your devices.
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50% Discount
Apply the SiteGuarding promo code when you checkout and save a half price on antivirus version. Limited time offer. Subscribe for more coupon codes.
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75% Discount
Do you find something good for small personal websites? Is this the security? Check your basic package and save up to 75% OFF order with SiteGuarding discount code.
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Great Offer
If you are medium, big personal and business websites, don't forget to apply the premium SiteGuarding package. Save your money with SiteGuarding coupon code too.
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65% Discount
Get Antivirus PRO Standard and pay only €9.95 per month on this package, you will take a chance to save up to 65% per year. Check your cart.
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Great Offer
Do you want to get the website security? Take SiteGuarding software and protect your site against malware and hacker exploits. 14 days FREE trial.
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Great Offer
This is a wonderful chance for customers to save huge money when use services in SiteGuarding. Because customers only pay €6.95/month per website on the basic plan.
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10% Discount
SiteGuarding often creates many exclusive promotions for customers when shopping online as sale up to 10% OFF for the yearly payment.
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35% Discount
When shopping online in SiteGuarding, customers will have the chance to get developer license and save up to 35% OFF in the store.
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About SiteGuarding

Are you worry about the attack of the virus to the computer's operation? Are you finding a store where can provide the highest-grade security tools? SiteGuarding – the leader in website security will help you solve all these problems. Our website – TheDailyCoupons always understands what customers wish for shopping online, so we often provide and update continuously SiteGuarding coupon code to support customers own many the highest-grade security tools with the cheapest prices in the markets. Besides, when shopping online in SiteGuarding, customers will have the chance to enjoy many attractive promotions and special gifts in the store as sale up to 50% OFF for the yearly payment, the basic plan for €6.95/month per website and even up to 75% OFF for yearly payment on the premium package. Moreover, customers should use SiteGuarding promo code to save a lot of money and enjoying many exclusive deals but customers only can find in SiteGuarding. SiteGuarding – where brings the safety for any website owners.

SiteGuarding is one of the most reputable stores by providing virus monitoring service and the highest-grade security tools for customers over the world. Their mission to protect your website in the safest way. SiteGuarding will use strong and unique Heuristic algorithms to find and destroy new viruses and threats. So, customers can completely believe about the quality services in SiteGuarding. Moreover, customers should use all SiteGuarding coupon codes on our website to save money in many services as website security, website antivirus, website firewall, website file monitoring and some other services. 

How To Use SiteGuarding Coupon Code

If customers owned SiteGuarding coupon code, customers will implement following these steps to own services in SiteGuarding. When customers selected service which you desire, customers only need to click on the button “Protect Your Website” to move to the next step. On the second page, customers will see a box that customers must paste SiteGuarding coupon code and total bill will be discounted in SiteGuarding. 

How To Use SiteGuarding Coupon Code

FAQs Of SiteGuarding

1. Can I protect my website with the help of the installed software?

The answer can be “yes” or “no” because viruses are created and changed every minute, every hour and every day. So, software can not scan and protect continuously for your website.

2. Who has to use SiteGuarding’s services?

To protect website in a safe way, customers should use SiteGuarding’s services. Besides, the people who use services of freelancers, those who uses free CMS, those who uses free or shared hosting, those who uses modules developed by third parties and developers should especially use services in SiteGuarding.

3. What should I do if my website has been hacked?

If your website has been hacked, you should find the help of specialists to destroy malware, backdoors, and viruses from your server and receive a website protection ASAP. Then, you should use SiteGuarding’s services to ensure your data in a safe way.

4. How to know that my website has been hacked?

There are some factors showing that your website has been hacked as your website downloads slowly, the firewall warns your website, your customers don’t get a message from email of your website. 

Tips And Tricks Of Site Guarding – Keep Your Website Secure With Site Guarding Software

Unfortunately, your website was hacked and blacklisted by Google, which makes you lose a large number of your website visitors!? Consequently, your business will lose quite lots of money. Just keep your website safe and secure with Site Guarding solution!

Site Guarding tools

1. Malware Removal

Site Guarding offers you Website Antivirus software helping you protect your website by identifying weaknesses that hacker can use to get access to your administrator's panel or infect your visitors with spyware and viruses. The software uses the absolutely unique heuristic algorithm to detect a wide range of malware types such as backdoors, viruses, PHP mailers, redirects and more your website might have. Even if the virus and malware are not in their database, their software can detect them by analyzing file's code.

2. Scanning And Monitoring

When using Website Antivirus software, you can get a deep scan of every file on your website. The software can scan every single file on your server and analyze all of the daily changes on your website. After scanning your website, they will give you notifications and alert by email or SMS. Once they have got your permission, they will delete viruses as well as malware from your website with the help of professional engineers.

3. Security Extensions

You are working on WordPress as well as Joomla!? You are looking for software to prevent your website from viruses and malware!? Site Guarding gives you security extensions which are compatible with WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. These features prevent hacker attacks to admin areas of without appropriate access key, offer anti-spam solutions by adding the extra graphic captcha for your administrator account and adding a higher level of security and protection to your website.

If you would like to protect your website from malware as well as viruses, don’t hesitate to install Site Guarding software and apply Site Guarding promo code to save more on your deal!


Customers can contact directly to the number +44 20 3290 0277 or  send a message via Skype safetybis to ask or request any problems in SiteGuarding. SiteGuarding will try their best to answers all questions of customers in the shortest time.