Squatty Potty Coupon Codes

Active Squatty Potty Coupon Codes - Mar 28, 2020
Active Squatty Potty Coupon Codes - Mar 28, 2020
Great Offer
Squatty Potty gives many deals. Once buying slim with white finish, you will pay starting from $60 without Squatty Potty coupon code.
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25% Discount
When shopping online at Squatty Potty, you not only get 25% OFF for sitewide order, but also enjoy many excellent promotions in the store.
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30% Discount
When shopping online at Squatty Potty, customers will get many big promotions as save 30% OFF for entire orer. So, customers should use this chance to save money.
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Free Shipping
When shopping at Squatty Potty, you can get free 3-day shipping on Ecco pack one with purchase of $33, Ecco pack two with order of $50 and Ecco pack three with deal of $60.
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Free Shipping
Apart from discount, you can get free continental US delivery at Squatty Potty. Take it soon!
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About Squatty Potty

You catch hemorrhoids or constipation! You feel very tired and uncomfortable whenever you sit in bathroom, especially the toilet. You are highly recommended to buy and use Squatty Potty toilet stool when sitting in the bathroom to improve your situation. To help you save more on your purchase, TheDailyCoupons.com has cooperated with Squatty Potty to give you a wide range of Squatty Potty coupons and special deals and offers as well! In details, you can save up to 50% on your purchase with the help of Squatty Potty promo code at checkout. Plus, you don’t need to pay for your delivery charges when placing an order at Squatty Potty. Grab this promotional chance soon!

Established in 2011, Squatty Potty is a personal care company. They are well- known for providing customers with Squatty Potty toilet stools as well as Squatty Potty medical. Its headquarters is in St. George, Utah, United States of America. Designing toilet stools for millions of customers all over the world, they have reached around $15 million in online and retail sales in 2015. One of their outstanding products is Squatty Potty stool. It is a toilet stool designed to fit around the base of the toilet, elevating customers’ feet as the body posture - squatting position. Squatty Potty is the perfect height, shape and design to suitable with any toilet. Other products of them are the Refresh-it Bidet, Good Move - Colon Care, Sweet Loo spray. Squatty Potty was featured on season 6 of Squatty Potty Shark Tank in both 2014 and 2015 as Squatty Potty ad to attract customers. Their advertisement in 2015 received 5 million views on Squatty Potty Youtube. Come and shop at Squatty Potty now to get healthy postures in bathroom as well as useful Squatty Potty stool!

How To Use Squatty Potty Coupons

The following instruction is hoped to help you know how to redeem Squatty Potty discount codes at checkout! Just read and discover!

  • Step 1: Take your chosen item along with its quantity. Put it to your shopping bag.
  • Step 2: Beneath your shopping cart, please enter Squatty Potty promotional codes into the box and click “Apply” to enjoy deeper deal! Choose “Checkout” to make payment for your order.

check out Squatty Potty

  • Final step: Fulfill other information as guided!

Enjoy every single day!

FAQs Of Squatty Potty

If you are looking for answers for questions related to Squatty Potty prices or Squatty Potty reviews, this writing is for you.

1.  What is your return policy?

You would like to return Squatty Potty stools to their store! You should return your merchandise within 60 days to receive a full refund. For more details, visit their site.

2. How do I clean Squatty Potty stools?

You can use Squatty Potty stool whenever you go to the bathroom! You had better clean it with your favorite toilet cleaner and a soft rag.

3. What should I expect when using your stools?

Everyone has different perspectives. Your body will quickly adjust the new healthy way and become second nature. Some people will see the immediate difference. While other people take a week to adjust. Just relax and enjoy!

4. Do you offer free shipping to shoppers?

They give free delivery on purchases to the contiguous United States through UPS Ground. At this time, they fail to ship to PO Boxes. Please allow 3-8 business days to deliver your packages to Continental United States including Alaska, Hawaii and US Territories.

Wish you happy shopping!

Tips And Tricks Of Squatty Potty - Solutions For Constipation

You are constipation! You can’t poop in 4 fours days, making you uncomfortable! Here are some solutions for you.

1. Use Squatty Potty stool

Squatty Potty stool

Before pooping, just put a Squatty Potty stool under your toilet. When sitting on your toilet, simply pull the Squatty Potty stool out to a comfortable distance and place your feet on the foot rests. The posture - a natural squat position will help open your colon. Therefore, it helps you relieve constipation.

2. Have a natural diet

One of the reasons for constipation is improper diet. You should eat more fiber food like beans, nuts, potatoes, pears, apples, broccoli and more! Avoid eating chilly food, drinking too much tea and coffee. Don’t remember to drink from 1.5 liters to 2 liters of water a day.

3. Drink medicine

good move

Squatty Potty offers you Good Move - Healthy Colon. Get things moving with colon care formula of fresh and natural aloe leaf along with organic herbs, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Just feel light and fresh with Good Move.

4. Get moving

As you know, your unhealthy lifestyle and work less moving increase constipation. As a result, doing exercises is one way to help you relieve constipation and keep fit. Let’s wait an hour after big meals before being active!

Welcome to Squatty Potty to shop Squatty Potty stools and enjoy discount on your purchase. When making payment for your order, just type Squatty Potty promo codes to save as much as possible.


For more Squatty Potty medical review or information regarding to Squatty Potty stools, feel free to call them at 1.855.628.1099 from Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm MST. Moreover, to be the first one know about their latest news as well as promotions and discounts, just make friends with them on Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube.