Too Faced Coupon Codes

Active Too Faced Coupon Codes - Jul 14, 2020
Active Too Faced Coupon Codes - Jul 14, 2020
50% Discount
All sale products of Too Faced are sale up to 50%. It is a great chance for your to get whatever you haven't. Get it now
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20% Discount
On all orders you placed on Too Faced, you will save 20% on total bill. Go to Too Faced and apply this code
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Free Shipping
On any US order over $50, you will get free standard shipping from Too Faced. Go to Too Faced and get this chance
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20% Discount
Sign up with your email on Too Faced in order to get 20% off your first purchase. Let's go to Too Faced and get it now
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About Too Faced

Cosmetics are considered as one of the best friends of women. Currently, women won’t go out without wearing makeup. However, women spend a considerable amount of money on cosmetics. To solve this problem, what you need to do is to go to, get Too Faced coupon code and apply it on Too Faced to get the best discount. We delicate to bring to all customers a bunch of Too Faced coupons so that you can enjoy many benefits as possible. When using Too Faced promo code, you will have a chance to save 15% on Too Faced lipstick or you can have a big saving on two famous products of Too Faced which are Too Faced chocolate bar and Too Faced peach palette. In addition, on any order over $50, you will receive your order without paying any penny for shipping. Besides, you will get 2 free samples that you choose by your own on any order. Do not miss it. A wide range of products is waiting for you to discover. Do not forget to come to our site to get Too Faced coupons to enjoy Too Faced sales.

Too Faced is one of the most famous makeup brands in the world was founded in 1998 by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. It specializes in develop and sell beauty products. Too Faced provides a wide range of products in the eye, face, lips, bronzes, essentials and so on. With the thought that” makeup is so much more than a little color on your face”, Too Faced brings to women the confidence to express themselves and create your own look as well as your beauty. Let’s brighten up your day with a little Too Faced lipsticks, a little Too Faced mascaras, and a little powder and so on. Too Faced products will make your day. Even more amazing, you will have a big saving with Too Face coupon code.

How To Use Too Faced Coupon Code

Get Too Faced coupon code and follow these steps to redeem your code:

1.      Select the products and add them to the bag

2.      Select 2 free samples

3.      Enter your code and apply it

4.      Click on the SECURE CHECKOUT button

5.      Fill all required information to finish shopping.

How To Use Too Faced Coupon Code

FAQs of Too Faced

1.      What is Too Faced return policy?

For any reason that you’re not fully satisfied with Too Faced products, you can return it back to Too Faced, just for products purchased on within 30 days from the date you purchased. The returned products must be unused, undamaged and in the original condition when you received it. Refund will send to your original payment method. Please note that refund does not include shipping and handling fees.

2.      How long does it take to receive my order?

It depends on the shipping method that you choose.

Too Faced offers 3 main shipping methods for you to choose from, which are:

-          Standard Shipping via USPS and FedEX: takes 5 - 7 business days and it is free on orders over $50 and costs $5.00 for orders under $50

-          2-Day Shipping: takes 3 - 4 business days and costs $17.00

-          1-Day Shipping: takes 2 - 3 business days and costs $25.00.

3.      Can I cancel or change my order?

If you want to cancel or change your order, you have to immediately contact Too Faced after making your purchase. Once your order has been processed, Too Faced is unable to meet your requirement.

4.      What payment methods can I use to purchase?

Too Faced accepts these kinds of payment method: VISA, Mastercard and American Express credit cards and Gift cards.

Too Faced Tips & Tricks: How to Choose Makeup for Your Skin Tone

Makeup is so much more than a little color on your face. It is considered as a true art form. For each fashion style and season, makeup colors are changed in many different styles. Some colors look so beautiful but it may not be right for you. Before starting makeup, you should learn about your skin tone to choose the best colors for you. Let’s find out together.

Determine your skin tone

The surface color of skin has changed depending on sun exposure, the light and other skin conditions like rosacea and acne. There are several methods to test your skin tone. The simplest way is to look at the color of the veins on the inside of your wrist. Please note that you test your skin tone in the natural light. You have a cool skin tone if your veins appear blue or purple. You have a warm skin tone if your veins appear green. If your vein color is not included in these 2 cases, you may have neutral a skin tone.

Choose foundation base

Too Faced foundation

If you have a cool skin tone, you tend to turn a flushed pink color in the sun, and you burn easily, so you should look for a foundation that has rosier, redder, or blue base.

If you have a warm skin tone, it means you quickly bronze or darken in the sun. So you should look for a foundation that has a golden or yellow base.

If you have a neutral skin tone, you are the lucky one because you suit to any color.

Choose the blush

Too Faced blush

For those who have a dark skin, you should choose blush in shades of plums for cool skin tones, or burnt orange-bronze for warm skin tones. Browns and copper blushes are for those who have olive skin. If you have a medium skin tones, you should use apricot, coral, or peach blush. Fair and cool skin types should try shades of pink or rose and beige or tawny are for fair skin with a warm skin tone.

Choose eye – shadow

Too Faced eye - shadow

Eye – shadow is used to highlight your eyes which make your eyes look more attractive. If you have a warm skin tone, you should look for eye shadow with a golden hue, such as greens, browns, gold or pinks. If you are a cool skin tone, blues, grays, silver, pinks, and plums are for you.

Choose lipstick

Too Faced lipsticks

Warm skin tone people should look for lipsticks with warm reds and browns or pale warm shades. For cool, dark skin types can wear purples, rose, and sheer, pink gloss. Warm browns, beige, reds and pinks lipsticks are good for cool and dark skin types


If you have any question or any problem, please feel free to contact Too Faced by phone: 1-855-TOO-FACED or by email: Besides, you can follow Too Faced social network: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to update information.