Uniform City Coupon Codes

Active Uniform City Coupon Codes - Aug 11, 2020
Active Uniform City Coupon Codes - Aug 11, 2020


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About Uniform City

You are tired of wearing the same boring clothes to work everyday, however, you have no choice of putting on other kind of outfits due to jobs’ characteristics. Do not be so sad! Why don’t you try making your own uniform more colorful with Uniform City coupon codes? There is a great collection of Uniform City scrubs and medical uniforms sold at low prices because of Uniform City discount codes including: $5 off for the first purchase, free ground shipping for orders over $99, group sales and clearance sale with up 80% off and so more. Just come and visit the website to find your new fashion uniform with our Uniform City promo codes. Bringing customers more good coupons the top priority of TheDailyCoupons. Find out more.

For over 50 years of development, Uniform City has been known as one of the top company providing uniforms to medical and hospitality professionals. The company offers a wide choice of Uniform City uniforms, shoes and accessories from famous brands in variety of styles. With Uniform City discount codes, you can be trendy with the newest designs of medical uniform and accessories. Be you, be fashionable at work with promotional prices with us today.

How To Use The Uniform City Coupon Codes

1.     Add your wanted items to cart.

2.     Press on “Checkout” button.

3.     Apply your code in the box.

How to use the Uniform City coupon codes

FAQs Of Uniform City

1. Can I order by phone or email?
Yes, you can. To order by phone, you can call Uniform City Customer Care at 866-814-0145 to speak with helpful customer care representative to know how to place an order by phone. To order by mail or fax, you should complete this order form, complete and return to them.

2. Can I still order an item if it is out of stock?
If a product is shown at out of stock mode, it is just temporarily sold out. You can still place it into cart. When it becomes available, it will be shipped to you.

3. Do you offer Saturday delivery?
For FedEx Saturday delivery, your order must be placed by 11:00 a.m Eastern Time Friday. FedEx Saturday delivery is just available for limited locations. You can call 866-814-0145 to check if Saturday delivery is available for your area.

4. Do shipping discounts given on all types of shipping methods?
Promotional offers for discounts on shipping charges only apply to Uniform City standard ground delivery service.

Uniform City Tips – How To Choose Scrub Set For Nurse

Choosing a nursing set is quite different from choosing your regular clothing depending on its various features. So what is the scrub set that can fit your body best? How do you find that? Follow some tips below may give you a wonderful answer for those questions.

Choosing the right scrub set

Collar style

Considering collar style is one of the first things you need to know while choosing a nursing set. If you have a long neck and thin shoulders, a high collar is a smart choice for you. A high collar tends to shorten an already neck and makes round shoulder look plumper. However, if you have a short neck, you should go with a long V-neck. This kind of collar may be useful for elongating your neck and make your shoulder look smaller.


Different body features lead you to different kinds of scrub sets. For example, if you have narrow hips and a small waist, you should choose a short top that just touches your hips. But if your waist is small and your hips are big, you should keep in mind that a scrub top that falls below your hip level is always among best choices. This length could elongate your body’s outline, giving you a leaner profile. To conclude, short people should choose slightly longer tops while tall people can go with short tops.


A dark color scrub set can bring a thinner look for fat people. If you are on the broader side, you should opt for black, navy, burgundy and deep red scrubs. A slim person can go with the pastels, the whites and the turquoises.


To prevent your suits from shrinking after washes, you should invest in good quality material. Another thing to remember is that you should buy scrubs of one size larger to ensure they fit when they shrink. Don’t put on tight fitting scrubs. It not only makes you uncomfortable, but seems unprofessional in medical center as well. An ideal nursing set should allow you to breathe and move your arms and legs freely.


If you have any difficulty or have any other questions, please call on 866-814-0145. You also can follow on Facebook or Twitter  to check the latest update.